Five Star Strategic General

Star Wars:  The Complete Saga has broken global sales records and become the most purchased Blu-Ray title of all time, despite some star wars fans negative reactions to Lucas yet again altering his masterpiece.  Such a described act has even spawned the term ‘pulling a Lucas’ referring to altering something that was great already for arguably no tangible reasons whatsoever.  Regardless of the relevance of Lucas’ alterations, let’s take a look at iconic villain and five-star Imperial Empire General Darth Vader.  The Dark lord of the Sith is an undeniable leader of leaders and a ruthless mobilizer.  Indeed the ultimate FieldMarshal RationalDarth Vader single-handedly propelled the Galactic Empire into the most powerful military presence in the galaxy.  Commander-in-cheif of the Great Jedi Purge, Vader is a ruthless leader and does whatever it takes to get the job done.  Playing second fiddle only to his mentor Sith Lord Darth Sidious, Vader’s secret plans to overthrow his dark master come to fruition when he saves his son’s life and redeems his wrongdoings.  This crucial and climactic scene of course was one of the main and controversial changes that Lucas made, giving fuel to the nerd complaint fire all over the world.  Vader now screams “NOOOO!!” before killing the emperor, making him a huge panzy and detracting from everything I just said.  Kidding aside, if you are a Star Wars fanStar Wars:  The Complete Saga will indeed make a great Christmas present.

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Strategic Retribution

Showtime’s critically acclaimed and wildly popular series Dexter premiered it’s sixth season last night to favorable reviews.  Showtimes most successful original series details the life of a forensic blood splatter analyst by day and serial killer by night.  Indeed Dexter Morgan practices his own vigilantism by adhering to a strict code of only killing murderers, and only doing so after he has found conclusive evidence that they have committed murder.  Dexters unique brand of justice follows a strict set of rules deemed ‘the code’ and does so only to satisfy his homicidal urges he calls ‘the Dark Passenger’ in a safe and just way.  A meticulous and dedicated serial killer, Dexter is an expert contingency planner, a highly skilled problem solver, and undoubtedly a Mastermind Rational.  Indeed Dexter’s highly efficient work has all but consumed his life, much like his fellow Mastermind Rationals.  This premier episode is being considered a ‘return to form’ episode for Dexter, getting back to the Bay Harbor Butcher’s bloody roots.  This season is supposed to be the darkest one yet, and so far, it looks like it will live up to it’s reputation.  Dexter airs Sundays at 9 Eastern on Showtime.

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Fire and Ice

Mortal Kombat is officially hopping on the ‘reboot’ bandwagon as New Line Cinema has greenlit a film series based on the lovable video game franchise.  Kevin Tancharoen has been hired to direct the series, after having directed the viral video sensation Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, and the web series that followed it.  The viral video was bankrolled by Tanchareon with the specific goal of enticing a studio to hop on board and green light a film.  Looks like it worked!  Given such frightfully delightful movie nerd news let’s take a look at Mortal Kombat’s most coveted ninja rivalry.  While Scorpion and Sub-Zero started off as pretty much two ninjas wearing differently colored pajamas, their relationship has since evolved into a bitter martial arts rivalry between fire and ice.  To me such a rivalry is that of Artisan vs. Guardian: Tactics vs. Logistics, Cooperative vs. Utilitarian, Virtuoso vs. Executive, Authority vs. Impulse, Sanguine vs. Melancholic, Frost vs. Flame.  Given Tancharoen’s pitch video, it seems the film series will likely focus on said rivalry between Scorpion and Sub-Zero.  Tancharoen plans on giving Mortal Kombat the Nolan treatment, looking for a grittier, more realistic take on the fan-favorite video game franchise.  Given the pitch video, and a now much larger budget, looks like he’s on the right track.

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Statistical Innovation

 With Moneyball making a pretty decent box office run let’s take a look at this charming and inspirational film based off of the story of Billy Beane and the invention of ‘sabermetrics‘.  Billy Beane challenges conventional baseball recruiting practices, and starts using innovative statistical analyses to determine the true value of a baseball player.  Such an innovative approach was unprecedented, and got Beane valuable players for cheap, as the open market had undervalued them.  Beane’s use of ‘sabermetrics’ put his low budget Oakland Athletics in the playoffs, and allowed them to compete with teams paying twice as much.  Brad Pitt plays Beane and knocks it out of the park, already generating ‘oscar worthy‘ buzz for best actor.  While Pitt plays the role as a Promoter Artisan (which is what he is) Billy Beane was undoubtedly an Architect Rational.  In the film the brain behind ‘sabermetrics’ is a fictional character played by Jonah Hill, in real life however, it was Beane himself.  Well-written, sharply acted, highly critically acclaimed (94%), and charmingly inspiring, Moneyball is definitely a must-see.

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Eternal Conflict

With Tarsem Singh’s Immortals getting a new TV spot trailer, and a release date thats creeping up, let’s take a look at this visceral and artistic depiction of a classic Greek conflict.  The film highlights a clash between the brave and courageous Champion Idealist Theseus fighting for the Olympians, and the ruthless and bloodthirsty Fieldmarshal Rational King Hyperion fighting for the Titans.  Such a contention serves to illuminate the inherent struggle that resides within all of us, between our Idealist and Rational selves.  Theseus represents hope, optimism, spirituality, and all that is good in the world.  King Hyperion represents the cold, harsh, pessimistic reality of all that is bad in the world.  Similar dichotomies exist within each and every one of us.  Theseus is played by the new Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, while King Hyperion is portrayed by infamous tough guy Mickey Rourke.  Immortals hits theaters 11/11/11.

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Savage Nobility

Wolverine’s second solo film is finally picking up steam despite the first one being god awful.  A new scribe has been brought aboard to re-write the original screenplay that was written by Oscar Winner Christopher Mcquarrie (The Usual Suspects).  An official synopsis was given saying the film will chronicle Logan’s time in Japan, where he finds ‘both love and tragedy’.  It was also revealed that the Silver Samurai will serve as the primary villain.  With that said let’s take a look at Weapon X.  James Howlett was born with keen animal senses, a healing factor, and bone claws sprouting from his hand.  A true physical specimen, Wolverine is a poster boy for the Crafter Artisan.  Infamously tough, decidedly stubborn, and generally bad-ass: Logan is the ultimate lone-wolf.  Ridden with tragedy but also possessing a strong moral code, Wolverine practices his own unique form of Bushido.  Indeed Wolverine’s renegade attitude is brazenly charming, and a mentality that any guy can identify with.  Question is what happens when the ‘tough-guy’ falls in love.  The Wolverine is now in pre-production and is slated for a 2013 release.

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Delusions of Grandeur

DC Comics is relaunching it’s entire stockpile of 52 comic book titles this month in a historic publishing event aimed at enticing new readers with revamped ‘more modern’ and ‘more accessible’ material.  This reboot mentality goes hand-in-hand with Warner Bros. new president Jeff Robinov’s plan to put a Justice League film together by 2013 in order to one-up Marvel’s The Avengers.  Regardless of the logistic reality of Robinov’s aspirations let’s take a look at DC’s flagship fictional supersquad.  The Big Blue Boyscout is as already mentioned an Inspector Guardian.  The Dark Knight is as mentioned yesterday a Promoter Artisan with a dark side.  The Emerald Knight is as already mentioned a Teacher Idealist.  The Scarlet Speedster is undoubtedly a Mastermind Rational.  The Amazon Princess is definitely a Protector Guardian.  The King of Atlantis is surely a Champion Idealist.  Finally the Martian Manhunter is an Inventor Rational.  With Warner Bros. cash cow Harry Potter now over, and the Batman franchise ending next summer, head honcho Jeff Robinov has made it clear that the studio’s top priority is a Justice League film slated for 2013.  Evidently the plan is to reboot Batman again after Nolan’s conclusion, do a JLA film in 2013, and then do spin-off Wonder-Woman and Flash films after that.  Whether they actually pull it off successfully or not, I guess we’ll find out.

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