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The Steel Mask

The Steel Mask “The Steel Mask” refers to the Guardians’ incredible ability to cloak themselves in the passions/interests/attitudes typically associated with those of the other three temperaments.  Indeed many Guardians are often mistaken for other temperaments strictly because of the … Continue reading

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The Artisan Bandwagon

The Artisan Bandwagon Many people (Morgan Freeman included) are easily able to hop on what is called the “Artisan Bandwagon”.  In other words, all three other temperaments envy the Artisans uncanny ability to excel in whatever they happen to ‘dabble’ … Continue reading

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The Ethereal Complex

The Ethereal Complex “The Ethereal Complex” refers to the Idealists’ tragic tendency to be misunderstood by those that they love the most.  Humanity by nature of course takes what it is given for granted, and much to the disadvantage of the Idealist.  The … Continue reading

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The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower “The Ivory Tower” refers quite simply to a Rationals’ life-long bargain with arrogance.  Indeed, most Rationals put a great deal of cognitive effort into maximizing the effects of confidence, while simultaneously minimizing the effects of arrogance.  Becoming … Continue reading

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Super-Squad Assembled

The Avengers Official Trailer was released today online giving us our first glimpse of Marvel Studios‘ purported blockbuster movie franchise.  Given such thoroughly exciting news lets take a look at Marvel’s four superheroes and the villainous antagonist opposite them. The … Continue reading

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Abstract Romance

On the heels of Lion King 3D‘s dazzling box office success, our dear and beloved friends at Walt Disney Studios have announced limited theatrical 3D releases for four more Disney Classics starting with Beauty and the Beast.  Given such wonderfully … Continue reading

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The Master of Innovation

The founder of Apple Inc. and CEO of the decade Steve Jobs has tragically died today as he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.  Jobs was an imaginative genius and innovative business icon, and his death is certainly heartbreaking and unfortunate … Continue reading

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