The Steel Mask

The Steel Mask

“The Steel Mask” refers to the Guardians’ incredible ability to cloak themselves in the passions/interests/attitudes typically associated with those of the other three temperaments.  Indeed many Guardians are often mistaken for other temperaments strictly because of the career paths and recreational activities that they have chosen in their lives.  Statistically speaking however, Guardians are by far the most numerous (at more than 50%) temperament and certainly abound in all professions and hobbies.  Certainly a Guardian can come to enjoy ANY profession or passion, and brings discipline, hard-work and dedication to the enterprise.  Guardian’s are the unsung heroes of society and simply put: many Guardians are not given credit for being Guardians.

Artisans and Guardians both live in the concrete world of what is going on around them.  Both Artisans and Guardians together dominate most social realms and most of society for that matter.  As a result both temperaments learn a great deal from one another.  Guardians greatly admire they’re Artisan cousins ability to throw caution to the wind and live life to the fullest, and often emulate such behavior with astounding accuracy.  As a result many Guardians find themselves in professions that are typically associated with the Artisan, and yet fit in surprisingly well.

Idealists and Guardians both share a concern for society and for the morality of behavior, a wish to do right and to help other people.  And thus many Guardians and Idealists find themselves in similar professions, ones that deal with gracefully managing and dealing with people.  Indeed many Guardians choose Diplomacy in one way or another as their passion in life, and thus often blend in quite well with Idealists and their professions.
Rationals and Guardians share a lot of similarities in the way they approach their professional lives.  Guardians are comfortable with the Rationals’ skeptical attitude and obsession with their work, which seem very much like their own pessimism and sense of duty, and they often admire the NT’s ingenuity.  Guardians too, excel in the Rationals’ primary realm of science, as good science requires discipline and dedication.  Certainly Guardians are everywhere, but at times can be difficult to identify.
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