The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower

“The Ivory Tower” refers quite simply to a Rationals’ life-long bargain with arrogance.  Indeed, most Rationals put a great deal of cognitive effort into maximizing the effects of confidence, while simultaneously minimizing the effects of arrogance.  Becoming overconfident and being rendered ineffective is perhaps a Rational’s greatest fear, and Rationals will do whatever is necessary to prevent such an occurrence.  As a result, each Rational has a specific concoction of psychological safeguards in order to protect them from their own arrogance.  Most Rationals draw upon the accomplishments of others, as there is and always will be very potent intellectual competition in the world as we know it.  Rationals by nature are paranoid, and when faced with either a struggle or a triumph, they will always retreat to their Ivory Tower to calculate the difference.

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