The Ethereal Complex

The Ethereal Complex

“The Ethereal Complex” refers to the Idealists’ tragic tendency to be misunderstood by those that they love the most.  Humanity by nature of course takes what it is given for granted, and much to the disadvantage of the Idealist.  The Idealist’s pour a tremendous amount of love and care into those they are closest to, a sentiment that is not always fully appreciated.  Indeed the Idealist’s intentions always come from a warm and positive place in their heart, but the same thing can not always be said about those around them.  The Idealist’s quest for better understanding and personal fulfillment is often misinterpreted as a result, leaving many Idealist’s with a tragic sense of inner-turmoil.  All is not lost however, as the Idealist’s confidence in the innate goodness of life and human nature is often a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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