Abstract Romance

On the heels of Lion King 3D‘s dazzling box office success, our dear and beloved friends at Walt Disney Studios have announced limited theatrical 3D releases for four more Disney Classics starting with Beauty and the Beast.  Given such wonderfully delightful news let’s take a look at this classic love story between Rational and Idealist.  Belle is a young and sweet-hearted girl with a vivid imagination and a fondness for romance novels that is ‘not like the rest of us‘.  The Beast is of course initially ‘mean and course and unrefined‘, and Belle’s attempts to bring warmth to his cold heart are of no avail, and eventually his cold-heartedness forces her to turn her back on the Beast.  Realizing what he has lost, the Beast saves Belle’s life when she is in danger, showing another side of himself.  In true Idealist fashion, Belle’s kindness ultimately breaks through the Beast’s icy demeanor.  He then shows her the castle library, a metaphor of course for the Rationals vast store of knowledge.  They then find a profound ‘something that wasn’t there before’.  Such a heart-warming tale is indeed the classic love story between the Idealist soulmate and the Rational mindmate.  Both live in the world of abstract conceptstheories and possibilities, insights and symbols.  The rest of course, is a ‘tale as old as time’.  Beauty and the Beast can be seen for the first time ever in three dimensions January 13, 2012.

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2 Responses to Abstract Romance

  1. Jodi Michael Horner says:

    Belle was always the obvious Idealist–I would even venture as Healer or Counselor. But the Beast is one I never even thought about for temperament. I like the symbols you’ve drawn upon.

  2. Sabrina says:

    I haven’t seen it in a LONG time, but I always felt the Belle was the Disney character that was most like me. I’m an Idealist Counselor. I’ll have to watch it again, now that I know about the different temperaments.

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