Five Star Strategic General

Star Wars:  The Complete Saga has broken global sales records and become the most purchased Blu-Ray title of all time, despite some star wars fans negative reactions to Lucas yet again altering his masterpiece.  Such a described act has even spawned the term ‘pulling a Lucas’ referring to altering something that was great already for arguably no tangible reasons whatsoever.  Regardless of the relevance of Lucas’ alterations, let’s take a look at iconic villain and five-star Imperial Empire General Darth Vader.  The Dark lord of the Sith is an undeniable leader of leaders and a ruthless mobilizer.  Indeed the ultimate FieldMarshal RationalDarth Vader single-handedly propelled the Galactic Empire into the most powerful military presence in the galaxy.  Commander-in-cheif of the Great Jedi Purge, Vader is a ruthless leader and does whatever it takes to get the job done.  Playing second fiddle only to his mentor Sith Lord Darth Sidious, Vader’s secret plans to overthrow his dark master come to fruition when he saves his son’s life and redeems his wrongdoings.  This crucial and climactic scene of course was one of the main and controversial changes that Lucas made, giving fuel to the nerd complaint fire all over the world.  Vader now screams “NOOOO!!” before killing the emperor, making him a huge panzy and detracting from everything I just said.  Kidding aside, if you are a Star Wars fanStar Wars:  The Complete Saga will indeed make a great Christmas present.

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  1. Why on earth did Lucas do that? It doesn’t sound like it even makes sense for the scene. Is Vader saying “Nooo!” to the fact that now the emperor will be dead or “Nooo!” how dare you hurt my son?

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