Delusions of Grandeur

DC Comics is relaunching it’s entire stockpile of 52 comic book titles this month in a historic publishing event aimed at enticing new readers with revamped ‘more modern’ and ‘more accessible’ material.  This reboot mentality goes hand-in-hand with Warner Bros. new president Jeff Robinov’s plan to put a Justice League film together by 2013 in order to one-up Marvel’s The Avengers.  Regardless of the logistic reality of Robinov’s aspirations let’s take a look at DC’s flagship fictional supersquad.  The Big Blue Boyscout is as already mentioned an Inspector Guardian.  The Dark Knight is as mentioned yesterday a Promoter Artisan with a dark side.  The Emerald Knight is as already mentioned a Teacher Idealist.  The Scarlet Speedster is undoubtedly a Mastermind Rational.  The Amazon Princess is definitely a Protector Guardian.  The King of Atlantis is surely a Champion Idealist.  Finally the Martian Manhunter is an Inventor Rational.  With Warner Bros. cash cow Harry Potter now over, and the Batman franchise ending next summer, head honcho Jeff Robinov has made it clear that the studio’s top priority is a Justice League film slated for 2013.  Evidently the plan is to reboot Batman again after Nolan’s conclusion, do a JLA film in 2013, and then do spin-off Wonder-Woman and Flash films after that.  Whether they actually pull it off successfully or not, I guess we’ll find out.

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3 Responses to Delusions of Grandeur

  1. Paul Bruce says:

    I think the topic of this post is epic, and I can see the reasons for your typings, but I do disagree… if that’s alright… This is how I’d type the New 52 incarnation of the Justice League (as depicted in the picture above)

    Superman – Counselor Idealist
    Batman – Mastermind Rational
    Green Lantern – Performer Artisan
    Wonder Woman – Protector Guardian (I agree with you very much on this one)
    The Flash – Healer Idealist (?)
    Aquaman – Fieldmarshal Rational
    Cyborg – Crafter Artisan

    With my typings, I’m not just considering how they appear to others, but even more so their drives, their role in the Justice League, and their thoughts (reading sections with the inner dialogue).

    • That’s very interesting indeed Paul. Care to elaborate? And how is the new 52?

      • Paul Bruce aka Cerebro93 says:

        Actually, I have not purchased any of the New 52 comics yet, I kind of want to wait for the trades to come out (hate the ads). I’ve just read lots of interviews, flipped through some pages at a comic store, and read some online previews, and so far, they are amazing! Flash and Green Lantern are receiving incredible reviews, but surprisingly, the best reviews are coming from the new Aquaman title. He’s no longer the butt of jokes, he kicks some serious,.. pages.

        For Superman, it was his strict moral code, and his rich inner life that led me to type him as a Counselor. In the relaunch, he’s a much more private individual, and while we longs to connect with people and cares for humanity as a whole (even those who hate him), but he still can’t help but feel a distance from others. He’s remarked by his Justice League teammates as fairly silent, and in the Superman title, you can see him reflecting a lot on his place amongst everyone the world, and his responsibility to help others. This is, of course, the most personal for me, and maybe I am a little biased, I try not to be. I think his Superman persona (which he shows to the public) appears very much an Inspector, and his Clark Kent persona (the awkward Daily Planet reporter) appears a Healer. But I know he’s a Contender, and with this new, rich inner life of morality and abstraction, I can’t see him as anything but a Counselor.

        Batman strikes me as a Mastermind because of the way he approaches his hero work. He years to solve crimes, to get his intellect involved. His actions are very utilitarian – he won’t kill, but he’ll rough someone up if he has to. He’s the best leader the Justice League can have, because he can see where any given situation will lead, and can integrate many different ideas and clues into a single framework to incorporate into his contingency-concerned mind. He is a genius with any technology he can get his hands on, and even designs his own technology, the work of a Rational I believe. He also possess that confidence, that sense of competence characteristic of a Mastermind, but not quite arrogance. I think his public billionaire persona (the one he shows to the public) appears very much a Promoter, but I do believe him to be a Mastermind, for when he is in his Batman element, he seems the most… centered. The Dark Knight film is an excellent illustration, in my opinion.

        Now, with Batman and Superman, these characters can get quite blurry in my opinion. Now, though I much prefer using Temperament over MBTI to type characters, discussing MBTI functions clears this issue up. I see Superman as an Counselor, and INFJ – naturally possessing dominant Ni and auxiliary Fe. But in his case, I believe his Ni and Fe to be fairly :”balanced”, in the sense that his Ni is only slightly more prominent than Fe, leading to his extreme concern with others, and not just with abstract mind puzzles. Similarly with Batman, a Mastermind, an INTJ – possessing dominant Ni and auxiliary Te. But I see his Ni only slightly more prominent than his Te, hence his practical use of Ni.

        Green Lantern, I see as a Performer Artisan, for he’s always cracking jokes, hoping to lighten the mood and put others at ease, to spice up the party. Hal Jordan is a test pilot – he lives for rich experiences, for thrills, which to me SCREAMS Artisan. He is not cold by any stretch, and can have quite a temper, and is fairly spontaneous and brash. He can get arrogant, but truly has many insecurities that he wishes to overcome.

        Wonder Woman, as you mentioned earlier, is definitely a Protector. She is an unusually aggressive Protector, but her life is dedicated to defending her fellow Themyscurans, her teammates in the Justice League, and the inhabitants of Earth. She’s always willing to fight in order to protect the ones she feels responsible for, and will drop everything in a heartbeat to come to someone’s aid. She is reliable, trustworthy, and family-oriented, a quintessential Guardian.

        When I was reading the profile of the Healer when thinking of the Flash, one particular part stood out at me: “Healers have a profound sense of idealism that comes from a strong personal sense of right and wrong.” The writers of the new Flash series really take Barry Allen as an incurable optimist, one who does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Also, his discovery of his new powers leads to much self-questioning and inventiveness with his new abilities, something I’ve noticed is common with many Healers.

        Aquaman is a King. People naturally will listen to every word he says, primarily because he knows what’s he’s doing. He is a natural leader of men, and has an uncanny ability at mobilizing troops, namely the Justice League. Though he is expressive, he is selectively expressive, and only speaks if it is productive, which, with a mind like his, it often IS productive. Aquaman is an excellent organizer of men, a Fieldmarshal to the League and to his Atlanteans.

        Now, my understanding of Cyborg comes more from my reading of the Teen Titans graphic novels. Victor Stone was a star football player, and athletics typically indicate being an Artisan. He honed his physical skills to their peak. And when he had his accident and became Cyborg, he continually tinkered with his new mechanical body, manipulating and shaping it into new weapons/tools, using his tactical intelligence to adapt to the given situation. He is smart, practical, and fairly silent, and enjoys understand the workings of things. His ability to craft his own body into perfectly appropriate devices leads me to believe he is a Crafter Artisan.

        How about you, Derek? I know we love to discuss superheroes and their types, so I’m curious as to the reasons behind YOUR typings of these characters.

        I didn’t mention Martian Manhunter, but I see him as an Architect rather than an Inventor, but we DO agree that he is an Engineering Rational.

        (oh, and on the forums, I go by Cerebro93, just in case this superhero talk gives you any dejavu to our earlier conversations)

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