Another Gathering of Artisans

The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will be hosted by Jane Lynch tomorrow at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, California.  Our Gleeful host is actually the second lesbian TV star to host the awards, and will no doubt bring her whimsical whit and charm.  HBO is poised to dominate the awards with heavy hitters Mildred Pierce (21), Boardwalk Empire (18), and fan favorite Game of Thrones (13).  NBC comes in second with Mad Men (19), Saturday Night Live (16), and 30 Rock (13).  Given the sheer hilarity of our hosts critically acclaimed portrayal of the character Sue Sylvester, said crazy woman will now be typed.  Superbly antagonizing, delightfully contentious, and unabashedly malicious, Sue Sylvester is undoubtedly an Inspector Guardian.  Indeed Sue is quite the curmudgeon, but just like any other Guardian actually does have a well-hidden soft side that comes out given the right circumstances.  It’s no doubt that Sue has had her share of misfortunes in the past and has absolutely no problem whatsoever taking such past griefs out on anybody and everybody she sees fit.  Luckily enough for us, it’s absolutely hilarious.  The Emmy’s air live on FOX tomorrow at 8 Eastern.  Be sure to tune in!

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