One Solid Promoter

A slew of Bond 23 updates came in this weekend which is indeed good news given the films thus-far stagnate production progress.  The film’s production has been postponed for quite some time now due to financial issues which were recently solved by our good friends over at Sony Pictures.  Bond 23, cleverly titled to signify the British Secret Service Agents’ twenty third film, will be directed by Sam Mendes and will now begin shooting in Istanbul, Turkey within months.  Given that 007 is the main character of the longest standing and most financially successful English-language film franchise to date, let’s take a closer look at England’s most popular spy.  Charming, charismatic, and action-oriented with a thick skin, James Bond is the quintessential Promoter Artisan.  Indeed Bond is world-renowned for his attractiveness, a trait that Promoter’s have in spades.  Whether it be getting the girl, stopping the bad guy, or ordering vodka a certain way, James Bond certainly knows how to get things done.  And with some pretty solid villain casting, let’s hope so.  Bond 23 will be in theaters November 2012.

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