Extraordinary Counseling

X-Men First Class comes out tomorrow on Blu-Ray/DVD and upon popular request let’s go ahead and take a look at arguably the summer’s best film.  Though the film only managed to haul in a reasonable amount of cash, it was met with strong critical acclaim, and definitely breathed new life into the sagging Marvel movie franchise.  Given that the film is an origin-story, let’s take a closer look at the origins of the founder of the titular organization.  Charles Francis Xavier is a paraplegic telepath and an extremely powerful Counselor Idealist.  Indeed Professor X is diplomacy incarnate, as a man that has spent his entire life mediating a peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants.  While he’s not doing that, he is nurturing the personal development of those around him, much like many of his fellow Counselor Idealists do.    Xavier’s talents lie in intuitively interpreting the thoughts and intentions of others, and counseling them accordingly.  Indeed he founded the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, a safe haven for troubled and misunderstood young mutants.  Now if that doesn’t scream Counselor Idealist, I don’t know what does.  Xavier’s powers however do have limits, as he failed to calm the mind of his profoundly troubled friend and holocaust survivor Erik Lehnsherr.

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